About Richard Ravenhawke

Psychic • Reiki Master
Spiritual Coach • Past Life Reader

Over 1000 combined radio and TV spotlights. 3X voted Toronto's best in the media. Infomercial host, published author, internationally renowned.

Richard Ravenhawke has 37 years experience as a psychic and spiritual guide. Richard was the psychic for the Lava Life Network for 3 years on all 25 of their major markets.

Richard will give you a reading without the use of any tools. He will simply hold an object (an art called psychometry) and will literally tell you all about your life.

Richard will ask you NO QUESTIONS for leading information while performing his reading.

“I will tell you about your past and/or present first.
If it is not accurate enough, then you will not be charged.
If I can’t tell you that, then how can I tell you your future?”

Richard was the Psychic for the Lava Life Singles Network for all 25 of their major market’s North American wide for 2 years.

Richard was also 3X voted TORONTO’S BEST in Now Magazine, in a reader’s poll from a circulation of over 300,000. Richard spent a year on Fairchild Radio (Chinese radio) and was syndicated in 5 Asian countries with a 3,000,000 listeners monthly!

Richard was also one time, the most syndicated psychic on the internet with a daily horscope column that went out to 30,000,000 people each day.
Richard has been on television over 500 times, and on the radio over 300 times.

He has written columns regularly for 4 National magazines: La Dolce Vita, City Life, Capital Style and Wedding Dreams.

Richard is a published author, has had chapters dedicated to him in 3 books, the latest being “Beyond the Veil” by author Lillian Yee Stewart, and has been written about and quoted in over 30 newspapers.

Take a trip to Google and see for yourself!


Richard Ravenhawke uses NO tools when tuning in to his clients for a reading. Richard also NEVER asks questions for leading information. A GOOD PSYCHIC does not do this. Richard’s clients span the globe, and include a full spectrum of personality types and professions. One reading has been known to convince some, that there IS something ‘real’ out there, and not just charlatans trying to take your hard earned money in exchange for false claims and information.
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