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Richard Ravenhawke, Pyschic

“I will tell you about your past and/or present first. If it is not accurate enough, then you will not be charged. If I can’t tell you that, then how can I tell you your future?”

Richard will ask you NO QUESTIONS for leading information while performing his reading, a good psychic does not do this.
More importantly than your future, you will also receive guidance, assurance, confirmation, and confidence to move forward and be the BEST that you can be. 

Richard has been on television over 500 times, and on the radio over 300 times.
He has written columns regularly for 4 National magazines: La Dolce Vita, City Life, Capital Style and Wedding Dreams.
Richard is a published author, has had chapters dedicated to him in 3 books, the latest being “Beyond the Veil” by author Lillian Yee Stewart, and has been written about and quoted in over 30 newspapers.
Take a trip to Google and see for yourself!
Richard was the Psychic for the Lava Life Singles Network for all 25 of their major market’s North American wide for 2 years.
Richard was also 3X voted TORONTO’S BEST in Now Magazine, in a reader’s poll from a circulation of over 300,000. Richard spent a year on Fairchild Radio (Chinese radio) and was syndicated in 5 Asian countries with a 3,000,000 listeners monthly! Richard was also one time, the most syndicated psychic on the internet with a daily horoscope column that went out to 30,000,000 people each day. 


Richard Ravenhawke uses No tools when tuning in to his clients for a reading. Richard also NEVER asks questions for leading information. A GOOD PSYCHIC does not do this. Richard’s clients span the globe, and include a full spectrum of personality types and professions. One reading has been known to convince some, that there IS something ‘real’ out there, and not just charlatans trying to take your hard earned money in exchange for false claims and information.

How can I help you?

Psychic Readings

30-45 Min.
$80 / Phone readings
$120 / In Person

Richard uses Psychometry, which is the psychic art of holding a personal object such as a ring or keys. By sensing your energy through this object, Richard gets ‘visions’ about your life, almost as if in a waking trance. This is a true psychic reading as no tools are used. The reading is not timed, it can range from 30/45 minutes, up to an hour or more. It varies depending on who is being read, and the amount of changes they have coming up in their life. As well as the amount of guidance given. Richard’s private session rate is $80 OR equivalent amount in bitcoin at home in Ottawa due to having no travel expenses, and $120.00 OR equivalent amount in bitcoin anywhere 45 minutes or more outside of where I live in Ottawa, to compensate for gas, time, etc, although for Psychic Expos and home groups, it can vary. I should also add that my residence is fully handicapped and wheelchair accessible. 

Past Life Readings

45-75 Min
$120 / Per session
*Only available in person

There is only ONE physical way to read past lives. (Lifetimes you lived before this one) The physical way to do it is by the lines on the soles of the feet. If you glance at your soles, you will see that there are many lines just like on your palms. These are the lines that reveal your ‘past lives’ or literally, the road your soul (sole) has walked. These lines, just like your palms, were written on you by GOD before you were even born, and they are there for a REASON. Any other way of reading past lives, there is really no ‘proof’ always that it is just imagination. A psychic can tell you you were an “Indian on a Horse” but prove it, I mean really, what are you paying them for? Even regressions, there is no technical proof it is not just imagination. We can react to a regression profoundly, but remember, we react emotionally to our dreams also, and they are not always real. The ONLY physical way to read past lives is the soles, the lines on the body don’t lie! This technique is 3000 years old, and is Egyptian in origin. There are only 4 people in Canada knowledgeable enough to do this, and only about 12 people globally.
People who have this done always have their minds blown.

Spiritual Guidance

1 hour
$150 / Per session
Available in person or by phone

Sometimes people just need someone to talk to. Maybe you are trying to work through some type of issue that is hard to let go of, or maybe you just need a listening ear, and some guidance form someone who has worked with over 70,000 people in 28 years. You can book a Spiritual Guidance session and you will have the full hour to release what is on your mind and get practical advice that you will have the choice of accepting. Advice is not guaranteed, but it DOES come from someone with just as much worldly experience as spiritual experience. I have worked with countless people, and on occasion, changed lives miraculously I have been told.

Magick, Energy Clearings and such.

Please inquire as every case is different. 

More ways to connect

Psychic Home Parties

Groups of 4-15 people / $80 per person.
Western Canada Tours / $120 per person
*$20 deposit per person required.

This where Richard travels to YOU, and reads for you and your friends. The price of the readings is discounted to $80.00 OR equivalent amount in Bitcoin per person, and the hostess gets a FREE reading for having the group. Depending on where you live, Richard requires a minimum of 4 – 15 people besides yourself. This all based on the amount of travel and expense that is incurred on Richard’s part. The average is usually 8 – 10 people, but is can be as little as 4 or as high as 15.
All that is needed is a separate room with 2 chairs to read each person in separately. I require a $20 deposit from each person attending that is non refundable, and pre-paid by either email transfer, or paypal, this is due to the few ruining it for the many, who ultimately book, and then cancel out.
NOTE: Western Canada
when I am on tour, the rate stays at 120, which is the same as what I charge at my expos out there, this is due to added travelling expenses. Being on the road is very high overhead, and I cannot go home in between. 

Phone & Video Readings

Telephone calls & video calls.
$80 per person

For those who can’t see Richard in person, a telephone, or video session is JUST as accurate as an in person reading. Richard has clients that span the globe. He has had so much radio and television experience, that he sees it as being no different, and sure enough, it isn’t! Richard accepts VISA/MC via Paypal just like they do on Ebay.
The fee was previously $120, but due to travel cancellations during COVID, I have lowered the cost to $80.
Paypal will issue you an electronic confirmation which automatically sends Richard a notification.
Once Richard recieves the notification, he will be in touch to arrange the reading.
Richard’s Paypal account is richardravenhawke@yahoo.com whichthe same as his Email.
For Canadian clients, Email E-transfers are also accepted.

What People Say:

Your words are still replaying in my mind. You spoke with a lot of accuracy about my life.

Connie Bowden, MB Canada

Always enlightening and a real pleasure chatting with you!

Crystal Ross, ON Canada

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